Salmon Confidential Take Action

emotionheaderSalmon Confidential is a powerful new documentary that all British Columbians should see.  It talks about the discovery of European viruses in BC salmon; the role that salmon farms play in the epidemic; and attempts by federal agencies to suppress these findings by silencing and discrediting scientists, including several whose expertise is acknowledged globally. Continue reading

Common Causes Uniting to Defend Democracy

Across the country and around the globe there is a new kind of movement against the Harper Conservatives.

 Uniting to Defend Democracy    Idle No More   World Day of Action Rally   Gather across from I-Hos Gallery on Dyke Road   12:00 pm Monday, January 28, 2013

Idle no More --Komox Nation

Idle no More –Komox Nation

As a Council of Canadians supporter, you are invited to join this peaceful rally to demonstrate our unity against the Harper agenda. Continue reading

Alternative vision for water presented at C of C meeting

BC’s first Water Act in 1909 was prompted by frequent disputes and litigation over water rights. One of its significant provisions was that of “first in time, first in right”; that is, that the first to apply for a particular water licence would have first rights to the resource.

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Idle No More Rallys call for justice

Members of the Comox Valley chapter participated in an Idle No More rally at the corners of Cliffe and 17 Street on January 5 and again outside John Duncan’s office on January 11.  Council of Canadians have been present at rallies across the country – members and supporters are encouraged to join this mobilization.

Idle No More Rally Jan. 11

Idle No More Rally Jan. 11