Chapter Chat

The Comox Valley Council of Canadians invites you to attend their first “Chapter Chat” on Wednesday, May 11 in the Filberg Centre’s Evergreen Lounge.

This is a great opportunity to find out more about the campaigns the Chapter is involved with – and why they are important to our lives as citizens of the Comox Valley, British Columbia, Canada, and of the world.

Members of the Health Care, Corporate Rights (“trade”) Agreements and Electoral Reform teams will outline the work being done by the Chapter in these areas. Following the overviews, questions and feedback will be welcomed in informal, small group discussions.

Letter writing suggestions, informative web links, and petitions will be available to assist those wishing to take action on any of the important topics.

Everyone is invited to the Chapter Chat at the Evergreen Seniors’ Lounge, Filberg Centre – 411 Anderton Ave., Courtenay from 7-8:30 pm on Wed. May 11.

Express Your Concerns about the TPP

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)was negotiated in secrecy between the previous tppfederal government, the United States, Mexico and nine other countries.The Council of Canadians opposes this deal because it includes an investor-state dispute settlement provision that allows transnational corporations to sue governments over legislation or policies made in the public interest, it extends the patent length (and profits) of pharmaceutical corporations by delaying the introduction of lower cost generic drugs, it slashes the domestic content requirement for automobiles, putting thousands of autoworker jobs at risks, and it undermines family farmers by opening up the Canadian dairy market to imports without creating new export markets for Canadian farmers.

The Trudeau government has promised real consultation and has extended the deadline for Canadians to submit written comments on the TPP to June 30, 2016

Individual letters in your own words are the most effective – and handwritten trumps all. Please use the key points and background information in Notes for Word Activists-1 to craft your own letter.

You can also email your concerns to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade



TPP, Food Sovereignty and Our Health

On Thursday, April 7, at 7 PM in the Rotary Hall of the Filberg Centre you are invited Layout 1to a public forum on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement and how it will negatively impact local food production, food sovereignty and the  safety of our national food system.

Sponsored by the Comox Valley Council of Canadians and GE Free Comox Valley, this forum is part of a Canada-wide tour featuring Dr. Shiv Chopra, a former Health Canada senior scientist and microbiologist. Joining Chopra is Jan Slomp, President of Canada’s National Farmers Union (NFU). Continue reading

The TPP, Food Sovereignty and Our Health

dr-shiv-chopra-4x3The evening features Dr. Shiv Chopra, with commentary by Jan Slomp, President of the National Farmers Union

APRIL 7, 7:00 PM
Rotary Hall, Florence Filberg Center, Courtenay

Dr. Chopra’s presentation will highlight the threat posed to our public health and food safety by the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

The TPP allows the introduction of the Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH), an artificial hormone developed by Monsanto to increase the milk output from dairy cows. During previous attempts to introduce BGH milk into Canadian milk supplies, communities mobilized and prevented the inclusion citing public health concerns.

The TPP is an enormous multilateral agreement that would expand and entrench the rights of corporations in the member states and encompass 40% of the global economy. Far-reaching, the TPP will have an impact on a long list of issues with serious ramifications for the daily lives of Canadians. Even the milk communities drink every day will be affected if the Canadian government ratifies the agreement.

The aim of Dr. Chopra’s speaking tour is to mobilize communities to protect our health, food sovereignty, and oppose BGH and the TPP. The goal is to gain more victories, not only against some of the most powerful corporations in the world such as Monsanto, but also against the sweeping powers of the new international corporate rights agreements that include the TPP.

We’ve done it before, we can do it again! Join us.